Mama Bear Cabin Terms and Conditions

Please print these Terms and Conditions for your records.

Check in time:

Is no earlier than 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Check out time: Premises must be vacated no later than 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on the ending date of the lease. Housekeeping must be able to enter by 10:00 AM. Housekeeping has a 6 hour cleaning period to get the cabin ready for the next guest (the staff often has more than one cabin to clean during this period). Due to this tight time frame for cleaning, please do not arrive early to check in or leave after check out time.

Cabin Set Up:

When you arrive, the cabin should be clean and set up with linens and supplies itemized below. If the cabin has not been cleaned when you arrive or if there are any cleaning issues, please call 586-864-3036 (Gabby) immediately. We will do our best to correct any problems, but we must be made aware of the problem when you arrive. Any damage noticed upon arrival should also be reported. If damage is not reported, your credit card may be charged for the cost of the repair. In order to not have your card charged, the following must occur:

• No damage is done to the property, cabin, or contents including linens;

• No items are missing or damaged upon inventory check;

• Dishes are put in the dishwasher and the dishwasher is started;

• Cabin is not left excessively dirty and all trash is put in the outside garbage can;

• No evidence of smoking inside the cabin;

• No evidence of pets on premises, unless approved and fee has been paid

• Adhere to check in/check out policy times

• No damage to the hot tub or hot tub cover

Check Out Procedure:

The bed may be left unmade with sheets and pillowcases left on. Used towels/washcloths should be placed in the bathroom closet next to washer and dryer. All trash should be put in the outside garbage can. Before leaving, set the thermostat to 75 degrees in cooler months and 68 degrees in warmer months. Close and lock all windows. Make sure the alarm is set with code provided and door is locked before you leave.

Supplied Items:

Linens for king bed, queen bed, and futon bed are provided, comforters/blankets, pillows,6 bath towels, 6 wash cloths, 3 hand towels, 2 dish towels, 2 dish cloths, laundry detergent, dish detergent, automatic dishwasher detergent, bath soap, 1 roll paper towels, 1 roll toilet paper per bathroom, and trash can liners. You may need to replenish these start-up supplies during your stay at your cost.

Hot Tub:

If there is a problem with the hot tub, call Gene at 865-361-6698 Bromine is used to maintain water quality. Please note all safety warnings posted by the hot tub before using it. Use of hot tub is at your own risk. Pregnant women and those with preexisting health conditions are advised against using the hot tub.

Fireplace: Is Electric only!

Severe Weather:

We do not refund rents or deposits due to cancelled or shortened stays because of weather, including snow/ice. Departures, cancelled stays, or late arrivals due to inclement weather do not warrant refund of rent or deposit. We highly recommend getting travel insurance for your trip- it is up to the guest to purchase this coverage.

Smoking Policy:

Absolutely no smoking is permitted inside the cabin- NO EXCEPTIONS. If you smoke on the deck, please do not throw your butts on the ground. Make sure the butt is out and place butts in the outside sand filled pail or trash can before departure. If housekeeping/groundskeeper has to pick up butts, $1 per butt will be charged. Evidence of smoking inside will result in a charge of $200 to deodorize the home. This policy is STRONGLY ENFORCED.

Pet Policy:

pets are permitted at a fee and must be approved - NO EXCEPTIONS. If any evidence of pet(s) is found inside the cabin or on the premises without the proper approval and paid fee you will be asked to vacate immediately with no refund of rent and your credit card will be charged $200 for violating the lease agreement. Evidence of pets on the premises after check out without consent will be charged $200 fee on your credit card. THIS is STRONGLY ENFORCED.


The cabin includes one king size bed, one queen size bed, and 1 full size futon bed. There is one bathroom with a standing shower, one hot tub, and electric fireplace.


Rates include initial linen setup and cleaning service at the time of departure. There is no daily maid service. An initial set up of trash liners is provided- additional paper items beyond the initial supply will be the responsibility of the guest. For longer stays, trash pickup and a hot tub check will be performed on the fourth day of the stay if needed.

Maximum Number of Occupants:

The cabin is to be occupied by no more than 6 persons at any time. House parties are not allowed. We will not rent to vacationing students or singles under 24 years of age unless accompanied by an adult guardian or parent. Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture and the party will not be permitted to check in.

Left or Lost Items:

We are not responsible for any items left behind, lost, or stolen. If you realize you left something, call and we will see about shipping it to you.

Cancellation Policy:

No refunds are given with less than 60 days notice.

Travel Insurance:

We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance to protect your vacation investment. It is up to you, as the purchaser, to read the policy to know the exact coverage and limitations of the policies.


We do everything possible to keep all equipment in good working order. However, it is impossible to guarantee that all appliances, hot tubs, TVs, fireplace, etc. will be in working order 100% of the time. We do guarantee to make every effort to correct all problems as soon as possible during normal business hours. Report all maintenance problems immediately to Gene @ 865-361-6698. We must be made aware there is a problem in order to try to rectify it. Please limit these calls to normal business hours unless it is an emergency. We reserve the right to perform exterior and/or interior maintenance during your stay. If a service call is necessary, we will do our best to avoid any inconvenience to you. We do not offer any discounts, refunds, or credits for mechanical malfunctions.

GUEST agrees to indemnify and save LESSOR harmless from all liability, loss or damage arising from any nuisance or harm made or suffered on the leased premises by the GUEST, tenants, or guests or from any carelessness, neglect, or improper conduct of any persons entering, occupying or visiting the leased premises. These Policies and Procedures above are meant to protect you, our guests, and Policies and Procedures.

We want you to have an enjoyable rental experience from Mama Bear Cabin

I have read and understand the above rules and regulations. By booking this property, I am agreeing to all terms and conditions in this document. I am at least 24 years old and I am responsible for any and all damages that occur to the property or it's contents by me or any other member of my group while I am the registered occupant of the property. I accept full responsibility for damages, fees, or extra cleaning charges should they be found during or after my departure. I understand and consent to the use of the credit card provided without original signature on the charge slip, and that this credit card authorization cannot be revoked and will not terminate until 30 days after the leased premises are vacated.

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