Checkout Cleaning, Spa Cleans, and reservation fees are not included in the Rental Fee. A Haywood County Occupancy Tax of 4% and a N.C. Sales Tax of 7% is in addition to the rental fee. A Security Deposit (or a security deposit waiver) must be made at the time of final payment on each rental and will be returned within 30 days after your departure if the cabin is found in good condition. Lock box codes will not be given out until after balance has been paid in full. Final Rental Fee balance and Security Deposit must be received by us at least 30 days prior to your arrival. It is your responsibility to make sure your final balance payment is received within the 30 days of your arrival date. If mailing checks, please mail to: GINCOR LLC 3062 Green Circle Mims Fl 32754. These policies were adopted to control the additional cost to us due to cancellations.

SECURITY DEPOSITS: May be used in part or in full, and are not limited to damage repair, replace missing contents, reimburse owners or agents for expenses resulting from agreement violations, Internet charges, movie charges, check fees, nonemergency calls after hours, trash left in unit, dirty dishes left unwashed, cleaning noncombustible items from the fire pits, furniture moving, cleaning excess dirt or grime from walls, rugs, bedding or furniture, pet damage or pet waste cleanup, removal or cleanup of smoking materials or unacceptable condition of unit on departure and are not limited to the amount of the security deposit. If you arrive and find something damaged please notify us no later than your day of arrival. If we are not available please leave a message. If something should be damaged during your stay, please let us know. Housekeeping will inventory the contents and should they find the house in an unacceptable condition, photos will be taken and expenses will be charged against your security deposit and/or credit card. Guests are financially responsible for damages in excess of the security deposit and for additional cleaning, if necessary. All deposits and rent will be held in a non-interest bearing account at Regions Bank, Mims, Florida. There is a $50.00 per check fee for all returned checks.
CANCELLATION POLICY AND REFUNDS: We know that plans can go astray. However we rely primarily on advance reservations, and cancellations cannot readily be filled. To be fair to all concerned, our policy is as follow: Your rental deposit is refundable should a reservation be cancelled at least 30 days prior to the arrival date. The reservation fee is non-refundable. No appliances are guaranteed. We make every effort to keep appliances and amenities, such as hot tubs, grills, VCR/DVD players, TV’s, heat/AC and fireplaces in good working order, however sometimes things don’t work like they should and are beyond our control. We will work as quickly as possible to make all repairs during business hours. There are no refunds due to appliances, power, water, septic, TV failures, etc. Please notify us as soon as problems are found or arise. Our web site provides you with ample information regarding the features, floor plan and condition of the cabin. Therefore, we will not refund any portion of your rent upon arrival due to perceived amenities at the properties. If you have special needs please let us know prior to returning this agreement. All guests are financially responsible for the time reserved; there will be no refunds due to weather, change of plans, or early departures. We suggest renter’s purchase a traveler insurance policy at their own expense.
WINTER WEATHER: During your winter visit, stay tuned to TV/Radio/Weather stations for storm warnings or watches. Depending on the severity of the storms and your location, it is your responsibility to take necessary precautions. 4-Wheel drive and chains during winter months from December through March is recommended. We are not responsible for damages incurred due to weather or cost to evacuate your family or vehicles. When checking out of your property in winter months DO NOT turn off heat or power and set heat to 60 degrees to keep pipes from freezing up and damaging the property. If we find the power or heat has been turned off after your stay and any damage is caused by freezing pipes, you will be responsible for damages incurred. No refunds will be issued for inability to arrive at the home.
CHECK-IN AND CHECK-OUT TIMES / MAPS & KEYS: Check-in is at 4:00 P.M. Check-out is 10:00 AM. Please do not arrive early unless you have made arrangements with the owner in advance. Lockbox codes will not be given until all balances are paid
and a signed copy of this agreement is received by us. You may email or mail your signed agreement back to us. The housekeeping staff arrives at the unit promptly between 10-11 am and have a cleaning schedule to follow and cannot begin cleaning until the property is vacated. Therefore, if you have not checked out by the time they arrive, there will be a $45.00/hour charge that will be deducted from your security deposit. Guests are advised to call us a few days before check-in to find out your lockbox code and the location of the lockbox at the home during normal hours. Please remember to bring this code and your check in packet with you! Upon departure please place your key back into the lockbox at the property and call, email or text us to let us know you are departing. Please lock all doors and windows before you leave and make sure to set the heat to 60 degrees in winter and not below 75 in summer. There will be a $50 security deposit deduction for all keys not returned.
HOT TUBS: For the safety and enjoyment of our guests, your hot tub will be cleaned between reservations. For arriving guests, this might necessitate a delay in using the hot tub on the first evening of your stay due to the water temperature. Pregnant women, elderly persons, and persons suffering from heart disease, diabetes, or high or low blood pressure and on certain medications should not enter the tub without prior medical consultation and permission from your doctor. Do not use the tub while under the influence of alcohol, tranquilizers, drugs that cause drowsiness, impaired judgement or that raise or lower blood pressure. Do not use alone. Enter and exit slowly. Observe reasonable time limits (that is 10-15 minutes) then leave the water and cool down before returning for another brief stay. Long exposure may result in nausea, dizziness, or fainting. No breakable objects or glass in the area. Children under 12 yrs. old must have direct adult supervision while in the tub. We apologize for this inconvenience, but your safety is important to us. The hot tub is drained, sanitized and refilled between guests regardless if you use it or not, as this is a North Carolina health law. We have no way of knowing if it has been used, so please do not ask that the hot tub fee be waived because you do not intend to use it. Please use plastic cups and hot tub towels provided. Keeping the hot tub covered when not in use will maintain the temperature setting. Please do not sit on the hot tub cover.
PETS: Pets brought into our home without prior permission will be charged $200 per pet and lose the right to tenancy without any refund. ALL pets must be potty-trained, non-vicious, non-nuisance, have all shots, flea/tick treatments up to date and must be crated when tenant is out of the home. All pet waste is to be picked up and removed from property at the end of your stay. Pets are not allowed on any furniture, beds or bedding or in the hot tub.
SERVICE ANIMALS: Mobility, visually or hearing impaired persons have the right to be accompanied by an assistance dog trained to provide assistance to the person with respect to the person's impaired condition, on any premises that person rents. Such a person qualifies for this right upon showing a tag issued by the North Carolina Department of Human Resources or upon showing that the dog is trained as an assistance dog. Should the property be damaged due to the service animal, cost of repairs will be deducted from the security deposit. The pet policy, as stated above, applies to service animals in its entirety.

SMOKING: We do not permit smoking of any type inside our home at any time. Smoking is NOT permitted on the decks. If you or any guests smoke outside, please extinguish all cigarettes in the containers provided and dispose of them properly to prevent a fire hazard and keep the grounds well maintained. Upon departure, ALL smoking products, including butts, matches, etc. are to be removed from the property as part of the trash removal from the home. Cleaning up smoking materials from the property is the smokers responsibility. Guests that do not abide by the smoking policy will face forfeiture of security deposit and will be responsible for any other damage/ clean up/deodorizing associated from the result of smoking on the property.
MAINTENANCE: Maintenance and cleaning services are contracted through us. If there is any problem with cleaning or damages upon arrival please report it to us no later than the day of arrival or when found. IF IT IS AFTER HOURS OR WEEKENDS, PLEASE CALL US AND LEAVE A MESSAGE. When maintenance needs arise during your stay (light bulb burns out in a non-reachable place, leaky faucet, toilet runs, grill starter doesn’t work, oven burner not working, etc.), please notify us during regular business hours. It may be necessary for maintenance personnel to enter the unit during reasonable hours to perform minor repairs. Tenants are not required to be on premises. For after hours emergencies please see below.
TRASH: Trash must be deposited at the trash collection stations as noted in your check-in packet provided to you. Haywood County does not provide curbside pick-up. If there is a garbage can at the house do not leave trash in it when you depart, you must remove ALL trash and take it to the trash drop off site. Please do not leave trash bags on decks as it attracts animals. It’s a good idea to dispose of trash each time you go into town.
TENANT RESPONSIBILITIES: Each property comes fully furnished, which includes dishes, silverware, cookware and linens (towels, bath mats, sheets, dish towels). You provide all paper products (paper towels, toilet paper, and napkins), coffee filters, trash bags, soaps, (hand & body soaps, dish, dish washer and laundry soap). You are required to wash and put away all dishes, remove all items from refrigerator, and remove your trash. Please remove all sheets before departure. Please do not rearrange the bedding or furniture, but if you do, please put it back like you found it before you depart to avoid charges. We will not be responsible for any items left in a cabin by a guest. If we are requested by a guest to pick up and return any item left in a cabin, the items will be returned by US Postal Service. All items required to be returned will incur a charge of the postage plus a service charge of $30.00 that will be deducted from your security deposit. Any items left and not claimed within 30 days after check out date will be donated to a local charity.
FIREPLACES, CAMPFIRES: The fireplace in the home is gas. Unless you bring your own cookware, do not use the cookware in the home to do any outdoor cooking! No campfires anywhere but in the designated fire pit. Remember, you are on private property and fire is a huge threat to the area. If you start a fire and it gets out of control you will be held personally, legally and financially responsible, so never leave a fire unattended. DO NOT CUT ANY TREES! Absolutely no non-combustible items are to be burned. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ALLOW CHILDREN TO WALK THROUGH THE ASHES AS THEY MAY RE-IGNITE THE FIRE AND CAUSE INJURY OR DEATH.
PHONE: There is no house phone. Remember you are in the mountains and your cell phone company may not work here or reception might not be dependable because of the mountains so keep this in mind, however during construction we found that everyone’s cell phones worked fine.
FOOD: Please do not leave any food items in the home. Take ALL food with you when you depart.
HEAT/AC: During the winter months, upon departure place the heat on 60 degrees. In the summer, please set at 75 degrees. When you leave the cabin for the day, please check the thermostats and leave them set on a sensible temperature for your return. The units work most efficiently when the temperature is changed no more than 3-4 degrees at a time. During the winter months, never turn the heat "OFF" because it can cause freezing pipes in a short amount of time.
WINDOWS, DOORS & LIGHTS: Upon departure, check that all windows are in their locked position and doors are securely pulled tight and locked. Additionally, turn off all lights to conserve energy. We use LED lighting and are energy conscious consumers. MOBILE SLEEPING UNITS: No mobile sleeping units are permitted at the home for additional housing or bedding. This includes sleeping bags, inflatable mattresses, etc.
SUB-LEASING: We do not permit the sub-letting your unit and doing so will result in forfeiture of all monies paid, eviction and termination of rental.
PEST CONTROL: Pest control is scheduled regularly. Animals love the mountains too. Please keep in mind that you are in the mountains and may encounter an occasional insect, chipmunk or mouse. We ask that you keep the screen and front/garage doors closed, as well as keeping screens in the windows to reduce these unwanted guests from joining your vacation.
TERRAIN: Be mindful of rocks, tree stumps, soft dirt/mud, steep terrain, and the possibility of poison ivy and/or poison oak.
SEPTIC SYSTEM: This home has a septic system. DO NOT dispose of grease down the drains. With the exception of toilet paper, do not flush any other materials such as sanitary products or applicators, diapers, etc. Failures of the septic system due to these reasons may necessitate the need for a costly emergency pump out and you will be responsible for these charges against your deposit and/or credit card. No refunds will be issued related to departures due to negligent over-taxing of the system. It is advised that laundry, dishes and showers be staggered and not done at the same time. This will help insure the availability of an ample supply of hot water as well.
MEDICAL AND FIRE EMERGENCIES: Call 911 for all medical or fire emergencies. In case of fire or house damage also contact 911.
EVICTION: According to Section 42A-23 of the North Carolina Vacation Rental Act, a tenant staying for 30 days or less, may be evicted in an expedited eviction proceeding if the tenant does any of the following: (1) Holds over possession after his or her tenancy has expired; (2) Has committed a material breach of the terms of the vacation rental agreement that, according to the terms of the agreement, results in the
termination of his or her tenancy; (3) Allows for more persons to occupy the home than what was agreed upon with the homeowners.

GENERAL STATEMENT: All information contained herein is considered to be accurate and truthful. Gincor LLC assumes no liability whatsoever for errors, including without limitations, typographical errors and or omissions. Rates, furnishings, and amenities are subject to change without notice. In the event a home is unavailable for rental due to fire, water damage, acts of nature, etc, all deposits will be refunded. The guest fully understands that: Gincor LLC is not responsible or liable to guests for loss or theft of any of the guests’ personal property, accidents, injury or damage of any nature from any cause to guest or guest’s group. This extends to acts of God, weather, road, travel or skiing conditions or other recreational activities, or items removed or changed in the home. Guest(s) hereby agree to INDEMNIFY and hold Gincor, LLC, its owners/agents harmless from any and all claims including those of third parties, arising out of or in any way related to Guest(s) use of premises or the items of personal property provided therein. Guest(s) assumes the risk of injury or other losses relating to any recreational activities and will hold homeowner and its agents harmless with respect there to.
Any legal proceedings will be required to be filed and carried out in Brevard County, Florida. No change of venue is permitted. Should the tenant be the losing party in any legal proceedings, all expenses incurred for both parties ie: travel, legal, attorney, filing fees will become the responsibility of the tenant.
We Do Business in Accordance With the Federal Fair Housing Law (The Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988) THIS GUEST LICENSE AGREEMENT SHOULD BE SIGNED AND RETURNED UPON RECEIPT. RESERVATIONS ARE NOT CONFIRMED UNTIL WE HAVE RECEIVED A SIGNED AGREEMENT. Scan and email back to kcart55@yahoo.com or mail to: Gincor, LLC, 3062 Green Turtle Circle, Mims, FL, 32754
FINAL AGREEMENT: We advertise on many different web sites that have standard rental agreements. This signed agreement, and all of its terms supersedes any and all other agreements and is binding among all guests occupying or visiting the home. ALL PERSONS OCCUPYING OR ENTERING THE HOME ARE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS CONTRACT.

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