Please read this section carefully. By making a reservation and/or staying at Windsor Castle, you are agreeing to these policies. Your booking legally binds you to acceptance and adherence of the policies listed below.

Reservations: You may generally book reservations up to a year in advance. The primary renter is the person whose name is on the registration form. This person must be at least 25 years old at the time of booking and must stay at Windsor Castle as one of the guests during the entire rental period. You cannot change dates within 14 days of arrival. You may add nights to your stay, as long as the Villa is available.

Payment of any fees: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit cards. A debit card may be used if it has the Visa or MasterCard logo on it. Sorry, we cannot accept checks. Policies and rental price are set at time of booking. No refunds or adjustments will be made for rate changes that take place after your reservation is made. Payments made after 5:00 pm Eastern Time will not be received and credited until the next business day.

When paying by credit card and making your reservation more than 30 days in advance of your arrival, you pay a 30% deposit to reserve your dates. The balance is due 30 days before your arrival date. When paying by credit card and making your reservation 30 days or less in advance of your arrival, the entire balance is due at the time of booking.

Trash:At Windsor Castle, the home is equipped with a bench-mate trash unit. The bench-mate for this home is located just outside the front door. Trash will be collected after 7:00 am every day except for Wednesdays and National Holidays. We ask that guests comply with the following rules:

We are very sorry but any guest who fails to comply with these instructions will be charged a $50.00 removal fee.

Swimming Pool: Please use caution when using sun-tan creams and oils, as these cause problems with the filtration system and can cause clouding of the water. Heavy rain often brings sand and dirt into the pool, these rains can also bring many types of bugs into both the pool and onto the pool deck. We have provided a pool net to enable you to rid the pool of any such bugs and toss them outside of the pool area.

We provide a weekly pool service to maintain the pool and water quality, our pool tech will maintain the chemical balance of the water.

The pool controls and pumps are all automatic and should not be interfered with at any time. Please contact Guest Services to report any issues.

Whenever you notice the water level dropping, please assist by topping up the water using the hosepipe attached to the outside wall. As a rule of thumb the water level should be maintain halfway up the tile surrounding the parameter of the pool.

Pool Heating: Can be provided for an extra fee payable for the duration of your stay. The water temperature is set at 88 degrees but is subject to the prevailing weather conditions. We cannot be held responsible should the outside weather conditions prevent the pool from reaching the full operating temperature.

Swimming Pool Safety: There is a door alarm attached to the doors leading to the pool area, this is a safety device which sounds whenever the doors are opened, this conforms with Florida Law.

To disable from inside push the button and exit the house. You have 14 seconds to exit and close the door or alarm will sound To disable from outside push and hold the outside button for 3-4 seconds and then enter. You have 14 seconds to enter and close the door or the alarm will sound.

Please take notice of the Pool Rules

These are there for your safety and do not at any time leave unsupervised children in the pool. This is a NO DIVING POOL

Please do not use any glass-ware around the pool, this is to prevent possible accidents; we have provided plastic glasses & table-ware for use on the pool deck.

Air Conditioning Unit: The air conditioning unit is pre-set for your comfort and safety, and should not require adjusting, unless during winter-time when heating may be required. We recommend a setting of 74/75°

Very Important

Never turn the temperature down below 72° as this will cause the unit to freeze resulting in un-repairable damage and the unit needing to be replaced.

It is also extremely important that all exit doors are kept closed (especially the doors to the pool area). This prevents excessive hot air from entering the villa through these open doors causing the air conditioning unit to work overtime trying to cool the outside air. Any damage caused by miss-use of the air conditioning unit or controls will unavoidably incur charges for the guests. We really appreciate your help in minimizing the use of the air conditioning unit which helps to keep our rental rates affordable. Your help in this matter is appreciated.

Housekeeping:This home is a self-catering home. The home is cleaned ready for your arrival. Should you need an additional clean, please contact guest services to arrange, this will incur an additional cleaning fee.

We have provided a complimentary amenities start-up pack for your convenience. You will need to replenish these as required.

Laundry: You may use the laundry to wash your personal items as you require. The home is provided with fresh clean towels and linens. You may wash these during your stay.

Window Blinds: When operating the blinds, please take care to make sure the blinds are in the open view position, before attempting to slide the blinds to one side.

Additional Charges: We will maintain access to your credit/debit card for a minimum of 30 days after your stay and you agree to keep it active during this time. We will charge your card to cover the following:
• Late departure (unless approved prior to arrival) – a minimum of one night’s rental and tax.
• Loss of Smart TV remotes – Smart TV remotes (home theater remote and 65"tv remote) are $400 to replace, please enjoy the ease they provide.
• Extra people – Windsor Castle has beds for 12 people. If we find out you have more people staying at Windsor Castle than are listed on your rental agreement without permission, we will charge you $100.00 per person for those extra people.
• Excessive cleaning – normal cleaning takes up to three hours. Excessive cleaning because of the condition in which you left it, we will bill you at the rate of $50.00 per hour.
• Damages can vary widely and will be billed at our cost. If accidental damage occurs (including the Smart TV remotes) lease let us know immediately as the damage waiver often covers these things. Use of a foreign substance (such as bubble-bath) in the swimming pool requires significant extra cleaning time and/or repairs, and can cost you $500.00 or more.
• Internet use – if we receive a notice of copyright infringement, illegal downloads or other prohibited Internet activity you make during your stay at Windsor Castle, there will be an automatic $250 administrative charge. This is in addition to any fines or charges that may result from those illegal actions, which could result in large fines (up to $250,000) and jail time (up to five years per occurrence).
• See our Smoking and Pet Policies below for other charges.

We will provide details of any charges made against your credit card.

Cancellation: Only the primary renter (see above) may notify us (in writing) of a request to cancel. No cancellations 30 days or less prior to stay. We highly recommend but do not require the purchase of travel insurance to protect you in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Sorry, but we do not offer refunds for no shows, second cancellations, bad weather, late arrival or early departure, or any other situations. If you are concerned about the possibility of cancellation, we encourage you to purchase trip cancellation/interruption insurance, which is available from a variety of sources, including our reservation site. If you ‘Opt-Out’ of buying insurance, you are responsible for the full cost of your rental, even if you are prohibited from reaching Windsor Castle because of weather or other conditions, or if you change your plans.

Cancellations greater than 30 days prior to stay: If we rebook your dates, we will refund your deposit less a $100 administration fee. If we do not rebook your dates the 30% deposit is non-refundable. Partial rebookings will be pro-rated accordingly.

Travel Insurance provided by TRAVEL GUARD:
Every year, snowstorms, hurricanes and other unexpected weather events cause travelers to delay, interrupt or even cancel their trips completely. A travel insurance plan can help cover your vacation investment. Specific coverage questions should be directed to Travel Guard (1-877-249-5376 or Please refer to product number 008573/008574 P1 & account # 97908.

Coverage is offered by Travel Guard Group, Inc., and limitations will apply. Please visit for full disclaimer.


Communication: When making your reservation, you must provide us with an accurate mailing address, phone number and e-mail address. You agree that we may use any of these means to contact you with information about your reservation, as well as future information regarding requests for comments and guest surveys, and general information about Windsor Castle.

Please contact us at with any questions or concerns.

Weather: Weather changes quickly in Florida. We encourage you to check our local weather a few days before your planned travel.

Directions, Construction & Traffic: Prior to your arrival, we will send complete directions to Windsor Castle, along with a link to the Directions section on our website for maps and more information. The Orlando area is growing rapidly and you should plan for possible traffic delays, especially during peak seasons.

Arrival: Please plan to arrive at our villa no earlier than 4:00 pm. This ensures enough time for us to make sure the villa is cleaned after any previous rental and all ready for you. If you arrive early, please enjoy the resort amenities that are all complimentary with your stay. We will send you complete directions and entrance code by e-mail prior to your arrival.

Smoking: We do not permit the use of any type of smoking material (including e-cigs) in our villa. If you must smoke, please use only the areas outside the villa. Please do not leave cigarette butts on the ground outside our villa. If we discover that you have used smoking materials inside our villa, there will be an automatic $300 charge to your credit card, in addition to any extra cleaning fees.

Pet Policy: Due to family and guest allergies, we cannot allow any pets in our villa. If we discover that you have brought a pet into our villa, there will be an automatic $300 charge to your credit card, in addition to extra cleaning and sanitizing fees.

Departure: While we hate to see you go, we must insist on a 10:00 am check-out time. This allows proper cleaning time for the next guests. Please follow the departure procedures e-mailed to you prior to your arrival. We may charge a minimum fee of one night’s rental for departures after 11:00 am (unless you have arranged for late check-out prior to your arrival). We can’t make refunds for early departures.

Lost & Found, Personal Property: We are not responsible for personal property left behind, stolen or damaged during your stay. Never leave valuables unattended. Be sure to lock the villa whenever you leave. If you find you have left something behind, send an e-mail and we will try to locate the missing item. If we locate the item, we will return it to you COD. Items unclaimed more than 14 days will be disposed of or given to charity.

The Really Fine Print: Prices, amenities, specials, seasons, minimums and everything we’ve said above are all subject to change without notice, especially prior to rental confirmation. We reserve the right to change or cancel your reservation if Windsor Castle becomes unavailable. If there is a price change, we will honor the price of your confirmed bookings. We hope you have a wonderful and safe vacation, but by renting our villa you agree to all of the above conditions. By renting and/or staying in our villa, you acknowledge that there are potential dangers that can be life-threatening in and around our villa. You agree that you will not hold us responsible for anything that happens to you, any members of your party, or to any of you and your party’s personal property during your stay.

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