DISCLAIMER: Due to the COVID-19 health & safety concerns, the Rosemary private beach area and town pools may have additional precautions emplaced that we are not responsible for, but must abide by. Also, if there are travel restrictions in place that affect you or our property, we will work with you to reschedule your vacation. Also, additional time for the additional required cleaning measures have been implemented so check-in time is 4pm (Central time) until further notice.


Once you arrive at Rosemary Beach, you may notice that all the garages and parking areas are generally at the rear of most homes. This is part of the town design in that your vehicles are usually only used on arrival and departure and the remainder of your vacation is by foot/bike/etc. Freedom At The Beach parking is available in the garage and shared between the carriage house and main house. The guest in carriage house can have one space in the garage and the main house guest gets one space. Note, due to the Carriage House guests residing above the garage space, it is necessary for Main House guests to respect quiet hours between 10pm and 7am and avoid raising/lowering the garage doors. Also, note, that the carriage house laundry (washer/dryer) combo is in the left side of the garage so be courteous to allow access to this area at all times. Normally, the carriage house guests will have preference to parking on the left side of the garage with the washer/dryer access so they control access to the appliances. This configuration has successfully worked for over 10 years of separate rentals.

If you need additional parking or require activity outside of those recommended quiet hours, then there is parking along the street on Round Rd and Windward Ln by the playground which is just to the south. There are signs noted where you can and can’t park. This is all common Rosemary Beach property and is not reserved for any particular guest. You will see many guests parking on the street in many locations in Rosemary Beach because of the design of the town, very little private parking, and large groups coming with many cars to stay in one vacation home. Security will not ask you to move your car if it is on the street unless you are parking in an area that says no parking, you are blocking a driveway, path, or obstructing traffic flow. Rosemary Beach security says there must be room for an ambulance or fire truck to get by cars parked on the street. Security asks that cars only park on one side of the street. If cars start to park on both sides of the street, they will ask for cars to be moved to just one side of the street. To avoid security asking you to move your car, keep your car wheels on the street and off of the pinestraw/landscape along the street. Parking spaces are also marked by white lines on the streets in many locations. There is a large parking area in a lot just north of Hwy 30A near the tennis courts which is about a 200 yard walk from the Freedom at the Beach houses. Rosemary Beach Security will monitor street parking.


Rosemary Beach Security: 850-699-3469. Security monitors Rosemary Beach every hour, 24 hrs a day on a golf cart. They carry a cell phone and can be reached at any time. If they are not on the golf cart, they are in the guard shack near the center of the town.

Please call security if you have any concerns or problems with parking, neighbors causing disturbances, lost/stolen items, damage to personal property, and/or any concerns you may have that should be addressed by security.

If you are parked in an area that is not acceptable, security will place a warning sticker on your windshield and tell you to move your car. They can also ask others to move their cars if they are blocking your car or you feel there is a problem or potential problem.


There are 4 community pools. You must have an amenity pass (provided and included in your stay) to use the pools (all provided with our rental) and to go through the beach access gate (combo provided with key lockbox combos a couple days before check-in). Rosemary Beach proper is a private beach exclusively for Rosemary Beach homeowners, guests of owners, and guest renters and as such town security often checks/requests to see the pass cards to verify authorized access and will tell persons without the passes to retrieve them.

Please don’t lose the amenity passes as they will cost you $40 each to replace. Rosemary Beach has trouble with non-Rosemary personnel trying to use the pools, so they may ask to see your amenity pass. You have access to all 4 of pools.

The Coquina Pool is the closest pool to the Freedom at the Beach, about 50 yds or less than a 30-second walk just to the West. However, don’t forget the Sky pool which has a retractable roof and heated in the winter. The Sky pool is on the northeast side, just north of the tennis courts. A map of Rosemary Beach is below.


If you want to play tennis, contact the tennis shop at 850-278-2061. The fitness center number is 850-278-2200. The tennis and fitness facilities are separately managed by the town of Rosemary and can be used on a per-use fee that is coordinated with those entities.


If you need an access code to pre-order beach accessories from Rosemary Beach (formerly known as SeaOats Services): https://rbpoabeachservice.com/,

Carriage House reservation access code is: 3280667

Or use RentGearHere.com (888-750-7606 or www.RentGearHere) to rent high quality Jamis Taxi Cruser bikes. Beach, baby, and other gear including adult bikes, child bikes, bike accessories, kayaks, YOLO paddle boards, back-pack beach chairs, umbrellas, skim boards, boogie boards, coolers, baby cribs, blow up mattresses and more! Also, Babies-n-town (850-267-2346 or 800-294-6388 or www.babies-n-town to bookonline) rents baby equipment and bikes. Review their websites to determine what will meet your needs. RentGearHere and Babies-n-town both deliver and pick up bikes and equipment. They won’t set up any beach equipment (umbrellas, chairs, etc) on the beach for you, the RBPOA service and code above are the only ones who have exclusive access to do this service.

Also, in Rosemary Beach on the north side town center, there are bike rentals at the Bamboo bike shop and their number is 850-231-0770.


Please store all your personal property at the home you are renting or in your locked vehicle(s). Please do not store extra beach items, chairs, toys, etc., at the beach at Rosemary Beach. Anything left on the beach at the end of the day will be discarded by the Beach Patrol.

For the Freedom at the Beach Carriage House guests, please store your toys, bikes, and beach accessories outside of the garage but near the carriage house.

For the Freedom at the Beach Main House guests, please store beach toys and beach accessories on the porches on the side or by the back door.

There are 2 grills, one charcoal and one propane gas, both are shared between the guests and are in between the Main House and Carriage House located in courtyard.


Both Freedom at the Beach houses have free high-speed wireless internet. Note, we are not responsible for any service disruptions.


There are trash cans for the Freedom at the Beach by the driveway on St. George’s Lane. Please use these trash cans and even stack the trash up on top of the cans in the trash enclosed area if needed. The County picks up the trash on Tuesday and Friday mornings (6-8 am) and the county sorts all recyclables on their own.

Heat and Air Conditioning

Each floor has its own thermostat and should not be set lower than 70 in the summer or the HVAC unit outside will freeze over and stop working. Also, in the main house, both floors should be on the same type setting: heat or cool setting or the unit will malfunction and cause damage.



Carriage House: 18 Saint Georges Ln, Rosemary Beach (Inlet Beach), FL 32461


Directions to Freedom at the Beach in Rosemary Beach

- After turning onto County Hwy 30A (aka Scenic Route 30-A) and heading West, you will immediately enter Rosemary Beach

- Turn left at the first stop light on Hwy 30-A in Rosemary Beach, onto East Water Street

- Pass 3 houses on East Water Street and come to a stop sign

- Turn left at stop sign onto Round Road

- Follow Round Road a very short distance (~ 400 ft) as it moves toward the Gulf of Mexico; if you hit a dead end, courtyard area, you went too far and are on Abaco Ln

- Turn left onto St. George’s Lane and the carriage house and garage are on the 2nd building on the right.

- The main house sits to the south of the garage. The houses are cream stucco on bottom and green siding on the top.


Carriage House: Locate the keyless entry keypad ON the door at the top of exterior stairs.


CHECK-IN TIME begins at 4:00 p.m. (CST), subject to change, and every effort will be made to have the Freedom at the Beach ready on time. Keys will be in the lock box next to the entry door. The lock box has a 4 or 5-digit push button combination. The lockbox code to open the door and the code to open the pools/beach gate at Rosemary Beach will be texted to you after final payment is received and normally a day or two before your arrival.


CHECK-OUT TIME is promptly at 10 a.m. Central Time, so that we may prepare for our next arrival. Checkout includes tenants and guests, vehicles, luggage, and all of belongings. Upon your departure, please put the keys back into the lock box after locking the door. Lock all the doors and close any windows that may have been opened. All dishes are to be washed. All garbage is to be bagged, tied, and placed in outside receptacles. If the housekeeping staff arrives at 10:00 a.m. and has to leave and return later to clean the home because it has not been vacated, you will be charged a $50.00 trip charge for the housekeeper in addition to any late departure charges that may be assessed.


Tenant agrees to leave the premise and its contents in a neat and tidy condition with no damage to the premise or its contents beyond normal wear and tear.

All dishes are to be washed. All garbage is to be bagged, tied, and removed from the premises and placed in outside trashcans. Load any remaining dirty dishes in the dishwasher and start before departure. The maximum number of occupants shall not exceed 4 people, unless pre-arranged with the owner, i.e., infant or additional children considerations.

Furnishings are not to be moved inside or removed from the house for use outside or in other properties. Owner’s storage/housekeeping closets are not for guest access and should be left alone.

Smoking is not allowed in the premises. Please smoke outside away from any open windows, away from any open doors, and away from the entryways AND dispose of all EXTINGUISHED cigarette butts in the trash.

Reservations are not made by or for a minor, defined as any person under the age of twenty-one (21). Tenant is at least 21 (adult) and will be an occupant of the premises during the entire reserved dates. In addition to the Tenant, other authorized occupants may be family members or friends of the Tenant. Should any unauthorized persons occupy or use the premises; Tenant shall vacate the premises without any refund. No key will be issued to anyone who is not an adult.

Tenant agrees to not host any receptions nor parties in the home or on the property, unless previously coordinated with the manager/homeowner.

Tenant and occupants are not to interfere with neighbors’ right to quiet enjoyment of their premises.

All keys, garage door opener remotes, and Rosemary Beach Amenity passes are to be returned to owner/manager upon move out by Tenant. There will be $25 charge per key and $40 charge for each Rosemary Beach Amenity pass not returned. Also, a $40 charge per garage door opener remote not returned.

Tenant and any guest of tenant shall obey all of the laws of the state of Florida, as well as local laws, at all times while they are on the premises. Failure to abide by the laws of Florida or the above rules may cause tenant to be asked to vacate the premises and forfeit all rents and security/damage deposits.


Please report any maintenance needs or unintentional damage, when identified, to local representative (Cheryl Daly at 850-358-3041 (primary) or 850-890-3832 (alternate)). If necessary, maintenance personnel will be called by owner/representative to handle any problems.

There are fire extinguishers located under the kitchen sink and near the laundry areas, however, call 911 for any emergency with risk to life or limb.


Linens and Bath towels are furnished. Also, we provide striped beach towels. Please bring your own beach blankets. Replacement costs for any damaged or lost linens will be charged to the tenant. An initial supply of paper products, trash liners, bathroom tissue, and facial soap are provided. Extra items are the responsibility of the Tenant. Rental rates/fees include a one-time linen and towel set-up and cleaning at departure. If you desire housekeeping services during your stay, this can be arranged for an additional fee.

Note, if you have special make-up removal cloths, bring those with you as all of our linens/cloths are white and are NOT to be used for make-up removal because it permanently damages them and an additional linen fee will be assessed.


The Tenant, for himself/herself, his/her heirs, assignors, executors, and administrators, fully releases and discharges Owner and Manager from any and all liabilities, claims, demands and causes of action by reason of any injury, loss or damage by whatever nature which has or have occurred, or may occur to the undersigned Tenant, or any of his/her guests as a result, or in connection with the occupancy of the premises and agrees to hold Owner and Manager free and harmless of any claim or suit arising therefrom. In any action concerning the rights, duties, or liabilities of the parties to this agreement, their principals, agents, successors or assignees of the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney fees and costs.

Pool/Beach/Key Codes are provided via text usually a couple days before arrival.

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