1940 West Beach Blvd.

Gulf Shores, Alabama – (251) 510-6699

Please be aware that and/or Blu Ink Holdings, LLC have no control over and cannot be held responsible for adverse conditions which may affect your planned vacation. This includes the closing of and/or limitations on the use of beaches or waters as a result of weather, health or other conditions; limitations on and/or interruption of travel whether by private vehicle or public transportation; or the closure and/or unavailability of local facilities such as restaurants, stores, pools, parks and other attractions. None of the previously mentioned conditions are grounds for cancellation of your rental and as a result, our cancellation policy will be executed as written. We strongly encourage you to obtain trip insurance or other similar protection against the event that any of these conditions, limitations or closures arise and affect your vacation plans.

  1. CHECK-IN - CHECK-IN TIME IS AT or AFTER 4 PM CST. CHECK-OUT IS PROMPTLY AT 10 AM CST. NO early check-ins or late check-outs unless expressly permitted in writing prior to check-in. We will provide early/late check-in/check-out IF it is available, but this is NOT guaranteed and may depend on last-minute bookings that abut the dates of your stay. Please check-out ON TIME at 10AM. Your credit card authorization we have on file allows us to charge your credit card a $100 flat fee in the event that your late check-out impacts the check-in time for our next guest.
  2. SMOKING/VAPING - Smoking or Vaping is NOT permitted inside this home. If there is ANY smell of smoke in the home after you check out; your credit card will be charged for whatever it costs to have the odor professionally removed. DO NOT SMOKE or VAPE INSIDE THIS HOME!! If you choose to smoke or vape outside on the balconies or grounds, DO NOT LEAVE THE DOORS OPEN WHILE YOU SMOKE and please dispose of your cigarette butts in a proper receptacle.
  3. PETS - Pets are NOT permitted under any circumstances. This is a Condo Owners Association rule. You will be evicted immediately if found or reported to be staying with a pet. (There are no exceptions)
  4. MINIMUM AGE - We do not rent to vacationing students or singles under 25 years of age unless accompanied by a legal adult guardian or parent. If you are an ''all-adult" group, every guest staying overnight in the condominium must be 25 years of age or older. We reserve the right to request proof of age and relationship from each overnight guest and/or to charge an additional, but refundable, security deposit based on our perceived risk of violating the minimum age requirement. At the sole discretion of the property owner; IF after check-in, it is determined that a group of unchaperoned students or singles under the age of 25 have checked in, they will be immediately evicted by law enforcement with no refund of rent or deposit. Please do not have this happen on your vacation!!
  5. FALSIFIED RESERVATIONS - Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of down-payment, all subsequent rental payments and the guest party will not be permitted to check-in. If it is determined that you have more than the maximum number of overnight guests in the condo, we reserve the right to force eviction or collect additional fees due to falsification of the booking information. Please do not have this happen on your vacation!
  6. POOL TABLE POLICY - We are providing the pool table as an upscale amenity. If you have children staying or visiting, who are not mature enough to responsibly use the pool table; please hide the pool balls and put away cue sticks to avoid temptation. Although you will have a damage insurance policy (see Para. 7 below), this only covers ACCIDENTAL damages and the $3,000 cap may not cover the cost of damage to the pool table. Negligence is not covered by the Accidental Damage Insurance policy (see Para.7 below). Once again, we are providing the pool table as an upscale amenity, so please play by the following RULES:
    1. Lower shades on the western windows to protect the windows against accidental impact from pool balls.
    2. Always break racked balls in a direction away from glass windows and doors.
    3. Do not place food, drinks, ice chests, serving dishes or ANYTHING other than pool balls & cue sticks on the pool table surface!! Rings where you have left your drink or food stains are NOT considered accidental damage, won't be covered by the damage insurance and repair costs will have to be charged to your credit card. NEVER sit or lie on the pool table.
  7. REQUIRED ONE-TIME DAMAGE INSURANCE POLICY - We require a one-time $99 purchase of Travel Guard Accidental Damage Insurance, purchased automatically for you at the time of booking and the $99 premium is NON-refundable (unless your stay is canceled prior to your check-in date). This Accidental Damage Protection Insurance covers any accidental damages, (subject to policy exclusions & limitations) that occur to the premises and/or contents during your rental period up a total of $3,000. Any damage or accident that is not covered under the afore mentioned policy will be the sole financial responsibility of the guest leaseholder and the guest leaseholder, by agreeing to these terms authorizes Blu Ink Holdings, LLC to charge the credit card on file for the full amount of damages. Please call the (866) number in the pamphlet for more info on: TRAVEL GUARD DAMAGE INSURANCE Please realize that if you are negligent in any way and we cannot recoup the cost of damages through the insurance policy, or by debit of the leaseholder's credit card on file, we will pursue damage recovery compensation through a court of law including collection & attorney’s fees. Regardless of damage insurance policy, completing the CHECK-OUT list prior to checking out is MANDATORY and is as outlined in the check-out details (found on the reverse of your welcome letter presented upon arrival). The Check-Out List is also listed in Para. 22(1) - 22(15) below. At the discretion of the property owner and in certain circumstances, we may request a security deposit IN ADDITION TO the $99 one-time damage insurance policy. This security deposit will be in ADDITION to rental charges, cleaning fees, parking passes, lodging taxes and the 1-time damage insurance policy charge. Provided ALL RENTAL TERMS ARE MET, no damages are incurred and the check-out requirements of Para. 22(1)22(15) are completed; a full refund of the security deposit via the credit card used at booking will be initiated within 48 hours of check out. In cases where a security deposit is required the policies Para. 8(1)8(5) below still apply and your security deposit will be docked accordingly per those terms.
  8. CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION - Upon final payment and agreeing to these terms & conditions; you hereby authorizes us to charge your credit card for any of the following reasons and amounts stated below:
    1. $85 charge per electronic elevator key fob that is not returned to the property - A total of (9) nine (Including the lockbox set) are provided and (9) are required at check out.
    2. $65 charge per missing or broken beach chair.
    3. $100 late check-out charge IF your late check-out impacts the check-in time for the next guest. ALL LATE CHECK-OUTS must be authorized IN WRITING via email prior to check-in.
    4. $100 non-compliance charge IF failure to complete the check-out list causes us to incur additional cleaning costs.
    5. Charges for any damages that are not covered under your Travel Guard ACCIDENTAL Damage Insurance policy which covers up to $3,000 in ACCIDENTAL damages; this policy is emailed to you upon completing the booking process.
  9. RESERVATION DOWN PAYMENT - Approximately 40% of total amount due is required to reserve your dates. However this may vary based on how far in advance you book. Once you have committed to the dates, you will fill in the booking page provided by email, and use the credit card screen to pay a DOWN PAYMENT via credit or debit card. The down payment is applied toward your total rental charges due. BALANCE is due no less than 15 days prior to check-in, payable by credit/debit card OR personal check, provided your check is received by our office 15 days prior to your check-in date. Our Alabama mailing address for payment by check is provided in your confirmation.
  10. FINAL PAYMENT - The balance of base rental charges, plus the one-time cleaning fee of $350, plus $25 per parking pass per vehicle, plus Alabama lodging tax of 13% on that sub-total, plus one-time $99 damage insurance policy is due 45 days before your arrival date or within the time frame we agreed to if you are booking less than 45 days prior to check-in. Your final payment DUE DATE appears on your rental confirmation. We will e-mail you the reminder with the balance due and payment details within a few days of your payment due date. Personal checks for the balance due can be mailed to our Alabama mailing address PROVIDED your check is received by our office 15 days prior to your check-in date. Upon receipt of final payment, a lengthy PDF document is provided via email containing all access & check-in procedures as well as local area information.
  11. CANCELLATIONS - Please review the Rental Terms & Conditions carefully. Call us if you have any questions. We have two Cancellation policies: one for short-term rentals and another for long-term rentals. All cancellations will result in payment of cancellation/administrative fees.
    1. For stays less than one month(28 days) in duration: Cancellations made more than 60 days prior to arrival, will be refunded their initial down payment, less a cancellation/administrative fee of $100. Cancellations made within 60 days of arrival OR changes to your reservation that result in fewer days than originally reserved, will forfeit all rental payments for days not used. Early departure does not warrant refund of rent or deposit. ( see Para. 3 below )
    2. For stays longer than one month(28 days) in duration: Cancellations made more than 120 days prior to arrival, will be refunded the initial down payment, less a cancellation/administrative fee of $150. Cancellations made within 120 days of arrival OR changes to your reservation that result in fewer days than originally reserved, will forfeit all rental payments for those days not used. Early departure does not warrant any refund of rent or deposit. ( see Para. 3 below )
    3. AS A COURTESY TO OUR PREVIOUSLY BOOKED GUESTS WHOSE CANCELLATION RESULTS IN FORFEITED PAYMENTS (Not Applicable to the cancellation/administrative fee), we will make the unit you had rented available on the rental market and if we secure another booking we will issue a full refund less the cancellation/administrative fee. However; if there is any difference in rental revenue, it will be deducted from the refund in addition to the administrative fee. (We often must reduce our nightly rental rate to entice guests to book on short notice) There are no guarantees that we will be successful in re-booking your dates or refunding your money. We reserve your dates for you in advance and we must assume in good faith you are coming. By the time you cancel your reservation, we have already declined other opportunities to rent those dates to other guests.
  12. WEATHER/HURRICANE/STORM POLICY - No weather refunds are given - The weather is out of our control and predictions are unreliable. During the booking process, you will be offered the option to purchase Travel Insurance provided by TRAVEL GUARD: Every year, snowstorms, hurricanes and other unexpected weather events cause travelers to delay, interrupt or even cancel their trips completely. A travel insurance plan can help cover your vacation Specific coverage questions should be directed to Travel Guard (1-877-246-5376) or Please refer to product number 008573/008574 P1 and account No. 97908. Coverage is offered by Travel Guard Group, Inc., and limitations will apply. Please visit: for full disclaimer.
  13. BEACH AND WATER CONDITIONS - Our area is prone to hurricanes which may change the topography along the beach from year to year. Therefore, we cannot be responsible for "Beach" Steps and Boardwalks may be missing or may not be replaced due to storm damage. The Department of Environmental Protection sometimes regulates the reconstruction of steps in narrow beach areas. There are many conditions that can affect or possibly close our Gulf waters, including but not limited to red tide, algae blooms, rough surf, seaweed, high bacterial counts and oil spills. We are not responsible for water OR beach conditions and no refunds will be given for any beach access, boardwalk or water condition problems.
  14. CHANGES to YOUR DATES - Changes will need to be approved but are usually possible provided the dates are open and you have given us sufficient notice to rebook your previously booked dates.
  15. MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY - The maximum number of overnight guests for this condominium is (14) persons, with a maximum of (10) adults. NO ADULTS ALLOWED IN TWIN BUNK BEDS.
  16. MINIMUM STAY - We require a THREE (3) NIGHT MINIMUM STAY. Longer minimum stays may be imposed during holiday and/or peak season periods. If a rental is taken for less than three days, the guest will be charged the three-night rate. This may be waived in the shoulder/off season or to accommodate a last-minute rental solely AT THE PROPERTY OWNER'S DESCRETION.
  17. INCLUSIVE FEES - Charges include a one-time linen and towel setup, (3) parking passes, and departure cleaning. Amenity fees are included in the rental rate. We are happy to set up occasional additional cleanings for longer term rentals and in those cases, you may pay the cleaning crew directly.
  18. NO DAILY MAID SERVICE - While linens and bath towels are included in the unit, daily maid service is NOT included in the rental rate but is available upon advanced request and at an additional charge. We provide 14-16 beach towels but please bring extras of your own if you feel it necessary. We do not permit bath towels or linens to be taken from the units for use on the beach.
  19. RATE CHANGES - Rates are subject to change without notice but will not change after you have completed your booking form and received a confirmation.
  20. WRITTEN EXCEPTIONS - Any exceptions to the above mentioned policies must be approved in writing in advance. Please make sure you have early or late check-in/check-out approval IN WRITING.
  21. CHECKING OUT – Please make sure the CHECK-OUT LIST is completed prior to checking out. The check-out list is posted both in the unit and on reverse side of your laminated WELCOME letter. Your credit card authorization allows us to charge an additional $100 for excessive cleaning fees IF you do not check out on time and the cleaning crew cannot get into the condo to properly clean before the next guest. Please check out promptly at 10am.
    1. Please bag & empty all trash into the trash chute (in the hallway closet).
    2. Please load and start the dishwasher (no need to unload it).
    3. Please place all used bath towels, hand towels and dishcloths on the floor of any bathroom shower or tub.
    4. Please make sure the rolling cooler and rolling beach cart have been rinsed and returned to the pantry and hallway niche respectively. Do NOT leave food, trash or other items in the beach cart or cooler. There are two outdoor showers on the ground floor for rinsing beach chairs, beach toys, coolers and the beach cart.
    5. Please pull back bed linens on beds that were used – Do NOT remake beds that were used.
    6. Please, if you use our beach towels, wash and dry them the NIGHT BEFORE check-out, fold or roll them and put them away in the laundry room.
    7. Please make sure all (15) pool balls, (1) cue ball and all cue sticks are returned to the pool table.
    8. Please take with you or dispose of any perishables in the fridge and/or pantry.
    9. Please close all curtains and/or blinds.
    10. Please unplug all kitchen countertop appliances (ie. toasters, coffee makers, etc.).
    11. Please return all air conditioner thermostats to cool & 75 degrees.
    12. Please close and lock all doors.
    13. MOST IMPORTANTLY: PLEASE, on your way out, leave EIGHT (8) electronic key/fob sets hanging in the niche next to the elevator AND put one back in the lockbox on your way out. A total of NINE (9) Key/FOB sets are required to check out. Your card will be charged $85 for each key/fob set missing, as it will be an inconvenience for the next guest group and we will incur unnecessary expenses ordering, arranging rush delivery and delivering a replacement key fob on short notice.
    14. Make sure that the (9th) Key/Fob set (without a lanyard) goes back into the lockbox for the next guest to use.
  23. EVICTION - If a guest group is evicted by the owner, by the owner’s representative, by local law enforcement, or by the security company employed by the condominium complex; there will be NO REFUND of any rental payment.

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