General Reservation Policies Agreement

Reservation bookings are for the dates and times as stipulated. Payment of half the total amount is due at the time of booking, with the remaining half due one month before arrival, or with approval depending on your booking site, according to your payment plan terms. Guests are asked to inspect the unit upon check-in and contact the owner with any concerns or issues in the first 12 hours of their stay. Any reservation changes are at the owners’ discretion and/or upon recommendation of local officials; all must adhere to the cancellation policy, and no refunds are implied nor guaranteed. Travel insurance can be purchased online and is highly recommended, especially during hurricane season, as refunds are contingent upon official evacuation recommendations. Beach weather and/or conditions and any personal guest reasons are beyond the owners’ control and do not constitute a reason for a refund.

Cancellation Policy: A deposit of half the total amount is due at the time of booking, with payment in full one month/30 days prior to stay. Refunds for renter-discretionary changes will be dependent upon the owner being able to re-rent the unit, unless changes are recommended by local officials, and less a $100 daily re-booking fee and any cleaning or security fees.

Cancellation Caveat for Longer-Term Rentals: Should travel restrictions be issued by government officials during the time of stay in excess of one week or longer, rental and lodging tax rate per day would be pro-rated and refunded by owner for the dates affected.

Furnishings: Please do not rearrange the furniture for any reason. The property is furnished with linens (towels, wash cloths, hand towels, sheets, blankets or coverlets, and pillows), coffeemaker, toaster, televisions, dishwasher, range, microwave, refrigerator, and washer/dryer. Beach towels, chairs, and cart are furnished by the owner as a courtesy. Please make sure they have been washed and put away, as this is not a part of our housekeeper's responsibility. Please do not wash beach towels with the white towels in the unit. Please do not bring any sandy beach items into the unit. Any missing beach towels or linens upon guest departure will be subject to a cost of $20.00 per item. Please make sure towels are returned to the unit and not left on the beach. Beach chairs are also provided as a courtesy. Please make sure they are returned to the beachside patio deck box in good, sand-free, undamaged condition.

Initial paper goods and soaps are furnished. You will need to bring your own laundry detergent and all replacements.

Every effort is made to assure accurate descriptions with no misrepresentation intended.


Please report all inoperative and/or missing equipment to owner immediately, as service must be scheduled and may require ordering parts. Problems will be corrected as soon as possible. Priority is given to air conditioners/heat, refrigeration, plumbing, water, or electrical problems. To accomplish repairs, agent or authorized employee, repairman and owner/owners’ representative will have right of entry. No refunds are issued for damage to Guest's belongings due to malfunctioning equipment/appliances, mechanical failures of appliances, electronics, interruption/loss of utilities (including cable), or inclement weather. If there is an impending hurricane, in which the property is in its path and evacuation orders are issued, and expected land fall is within 2 days, guests are charged for the days spent on the island. In the event of a mandatory evacuation for the area, all guests will adhere to the evacuation procedures outlined by local officials. Any decrease in the number of days as previously booked will be refunded or rescheduled and will be computed on the daily base rental amount. Similar guidelines exist for any state- or federally-mandated emergency management recommendations.


(a) Reasonable and orderly conduct by all guests in the rented residence with respect given to the terms of this agreement, the property, the law, and the neighbors. We have numerous full-time residents in the area and request that you show courteous behavior, as you are visiting their home neighborhood.

(b) Guest(s) is/are responsible for damages as outlined under Reservation & Damage Rules.

If any part of this agreement is breeched by the guest resulting in legal action on the part of the owner whereas property owner prevails in court or a settlement is reached, Owner shall be entitled to collect from the guest all costs or said legal action including all cost but not limited to, attorney's fees.


We ask that the central heat and air unit and resulting thermostat be set at a reasonable setting during the summer and winter season. Please do not operate HVAC with the doors open. The average kilowatt usage is determined by outside temperature and humidity for the area. If the exterior doors are left open for any period of time with the air conditioning running, an alert is generated. We want you to be very comfortable and set the thermostat accordingly, but please do not leave the doors open. If alerts are sent on a regular basis, the owner will be forced to contact you to make sure the system is working properly or ascertain if the doors are being left open.


The lease period begins at check-in, which is no sooner than 4:00 PM on arrival date unless prior early check-in approval is authorized by owner and ends at 10:00 AM on departure date. THE NUMBER of guests at all times is restricted to the specific number of occupants that were reported to the owner at the time of reservation, and the number that is described or advertised for each property. Any UNREPORTED GUEST(S) in the unit at any time will result in immediate eviction of all persons and forfeiture of all monies paid.


Owner will not rent to anyone under 25 (legal photo ID required upon request), and lease holder must be in occupancy of said unit during the entire lease period. Guests cannot hold parties, receptions, or events that increase the number of guests as initially reported at time of reservations in the unit or on the property (even for a few hours). GUESTS CANNOT invite additional guests to come and utilize the facilities during the guest's stay. Failure to fully disclose such occasions is cause for immediate cancellation of lease with forfeiture of all funds. Rental rate and deposit are subject to increase at owner's discretion due to additional guests. Guests must adhere to and abide by the rules and regulations of all common areas surrounding the property.

Owner reserves the right to deny occupancy, evict and refuse refund to anyone at any time that appears to be detrimental to the property or in violation of the policies herein.


Check thoroughly for your items before departure. Owner IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for personal items left in the unit. We hold recovered items for 10 days only and return (only upon request) with pre-paid postage fees plus a $15.00 minimum fee. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity. Firearms/weapons cannot be returned by mail and will be released to local law enforcement for appropriate actions.


Owner will not be held responsible for any amenities that are unavailable for reasons out of our control, such as maintenance or inoperable conditions, and other reasons. Use all the amenities at your own risk. Report all problems to Owner. No tobacco products, illegal drugs, or excessive alcohol may be consumed while in the property. Unsanitary condition(s) resulting from guest's use is at the guest's expense for time rendered that the amenity is disabled.


All doors are by coded entry.


Guests' pets are NOT ALLOWED at Sea the Good. Pet(s) in or on the premises is a *Non-Negotiable breech of rental agreement with grounds for immediate eviction without any refund.* In addition, guests in violation will be charged for the entire cost of shampooing the rugs, cleaning the air and heating duct system, and extermination of the unit by a professional company or companies. Guest, by accepting this rental agreement, agrees to these policies.


Occasionally a check-out walk through may be conducted with guest. If this procedure cannot be done and damage has occurred, Guest will be notified in writing, email, and/or telephone within ten days.

If the property has to be professionally cleaned, guest agrees to pay for the cleaning.


Check in and check out times must be enforced. It is the responsibility of the Guest to leave the Property in a reasonably clean condition and to remove all Guest's property and trash upon Departure. During stay, Guest agrees to bag and remove to designated pickup area all garbage consistently. Prior to Departure, Guest shall clean all dishes (or run the dishwasher prior to leaving) and sweep and/or light vacuum floors if there is excess sand on the floors. If Owner's cleaning service is required to spend more than five (5) hours cleaning the property, an additional fee of $50.00 per hour will be charged for each hour beyond the five (5) hours and will be charged against the credit card or security deposit on file. Should guest decide to prepare food on the sgrills located on the patio, Guest is responsible to ensure the grill is clean and ready for use for the next guest.


Parking is limited to space available directly in front of Unit C.

Absolutely no boats, trailers or watercraft are allowed without permission and will be subject to being towed at guest expense.


Okaloosa Island has a "noise ordinance" in effect after dark and quiet hours from 10pm-7am. All Guests agree to respect the Noise Ordinance and to use common sense in keeping noise volume low after dark. Any police enforcement actions by the City, County, or other officials are at the sole risk and expense of the registered Guest and may result in Excess Damage Cost and immediate eviction and forfeiture of all amounts paid.

Guest is to be mindful that this Property is located in a residential neighborhood. Guests are expected to be courteous to residents and other guests, to be respectful to the rights of others, and to adhere to all rules and regulations of surrounding owners and property associations.


Smoking is STRICTLY forbidden inside the townhouse. Evidence of any smoking inside the unit will result in immediate eviction and forfeiture of all money paid as well as payment of an additional cleaning fee.


Exceeding occupancy limit will result in immediate eviction and forfeiture of all funds paid.


Guest agrees to defend, indemnify and hold Owner harmless from any and all liability, claims, loss, property damage or expenses, arising by reason of any injury, illness, death or damage sustained by any person, or to the property of any person, in or on the Property during the Term of this agreement, including Guest, additional invitees or visitors of Guest, where such illness, injury, death or damage is caused by a negligent or intentional act of guests or any of guest's invitees or visitors.


Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of Reservation Deposit and Final Balance, if paid, and such party will not be permitted to check in and/or will be subject to immediate eviction with the forfeiture of amounts paid.

By booking this property, guest is acknowledging receipt and acceptance of this agreement. Property booking will serve as verification and electronic signature that guest has read and agrees to the entire rental agreement.

Helpful Tips and Townhouse Instructions

A few hopefully helpful tips:

1) Parking is directly in front of the townhouse. Please be mindful of neighboring townhouse spaces.

Curbside trash pickup days are labeled on the outside trash cans (Tuesday and Friday for main trash, and Thursday for recycling).

2) The entry closet area is the "Beach Closet." It has 10 beach towels and some other helpful beach items, like flashlights, for your use. There are fishing poles under the efficiency bedroom queen bed. We ask only that you return those, washed and undamaged, to the closet before you leave. Beach services of four chairs and two umbrellas are provided for Townhouse C daily, weather permitting, March through October. Additional beach chairs and canopies are provided in the beach patio deckbox. Please return those in good, clean condition each day to the deckbox. The patio beach bathroom door is also coded for easy entrance and exit on your way to and from the beach. We’d love for you to use that bathroom when you are sandy, please, and there is also an outdoor shower right by that access door to alleviate extra sand inside the property.

3) We supply starter products of personal and dish soaps, paper towels, toilet paper, and trash bags, but plan to bring your own laundry products and replacements of the above, please. There are also spare light bulbs, extension cords/power strips, and batteries located in the fabric bins on the utility area shelves. The half bath medicine cabinet is also often stocked with basic first aid supplies.

4) Facial makeup wipes and dark-colored washcloths are provided in each bathroom for makeup removal. We would really appreciate it if our guests would use those, as stained linens are a consistent problem in vacation rentals and may result in a damage charge. So sorry, but please help us with this!

5) Our main living room TV is a smart TV, and we provide Direct TV cable on all bedroom TVs additionally. There are google nest assistants in several rooms. Say, “Hey, Google,” and give them a command to listen to music, set an alarm, or give you an answer to whatever questions you may have—or just unplug them if they drive you crazy!

6) Our unit has Orbi WIFI towers throughout the property for better boosting. The network name is Sea the Good Unit C. The WIFI password is bluemango224.

7) Extra linens are stored in the respective closets. Please do not take any linens except beach towels out to the beach. Clothing and towel hooks are on the backs of several doors.

8) The patio grill uses charcoal. Please clean and cover it after use, disposing of hot coals properly only once they have cooled. Grill tools are in the kitchen, first drawer near the bar.

9) Power strips and extension cords are scattered throughout to be rearranged and used for your convenience.

10) Please, only kids under 150 pounds on the white third floor bunk beds! Be cautious with all bunk beds.

11) The third floor master bedroom king bed is a smart adjustable bed with remotes on each nightstand. Please do not use the lighting feature all night. Otherwise enjoy the features!

12) The third floor daybed converts to a king. Simply pull out the front of the bed (please watch to not scratch the flooring), and unstack the twin mattresses to make it a split king with a double-bed for couples’ sleeping.

13) Please do not, do not leave the exterior doors or windows open! The humid gulf air will run our air conditioning units ragged. To that end, and to conserve energy, we have smart sensors installed on all of our sliders that send an alert to us if doors are left open for more than 3 minutes, and we will unfortunately have to interrupt your stay to ask if there is an issue or if a door is accidentally left ajar. We want you to have comfortable air conditioning, so please help us conserve energy and preserve our AC unit. :-)

14) Pets and excess guests are not allowed.

15) There are games, books, and movies in the living room entertainment center.

16) CHECKING OUT: Please lock all exterior doors (coded ones but not additional deadbolts), take trash to the outside trash bins, and load and run the dishwasher before you check out. Please also leave all dirty linens in the closet laundry baskets or in the utility room, and leave all slept-in beds unmade. Turn off all lights, please, and set the air unit to 80 in summer and 60 in winter, please, to further conserve energy!

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