1. Lessee shall not violate any city ordinance or state law in or about the premises.
  2. Lessee must be 25yrs or older.
  3. Lessee shall not sub-let the demised premises, or any part thereof, or assign this agreement without the written consent of the Lessor.
  4. Lessee, in case of fire or theft, shall give immediate notice thereof to the Lessor or agent of same.
  5. Lessee must not make any alterations or improvements to said premises, without written consent of Lessor.
  6. If legal action takes place or must be instituted by Lessor, Lessee agrees to pay all costs, expenses and to pay all attorney's fees, as the court may affix.
  7. Security/damage deposit is fully refundable upon satisfactory departure of unit as deemed by Lessor. Any damages or gross condition upon departure will result in a full or partial loss of deposit. This includes smoking damage, trash, destruction or theft of any or part of the unit and its property. Damages or gross condition exceeding the deposit amount will result in additional charges to the Lessee.
  8. Cancellations must be made 60 days prior to arrival date for a full refund to occur. Cancellations can be made prior to the 60 days by the lessor or lessee. Any cancellations made after the aforementioned date will receive zero amount refunded, including the deposit. Cancellations by Lessor, due to mandatory, local evacuations due to weather will be refunded. This includes partial week refunds due to mandatory evacuations or loss of full or partial stay due to mandatory evacuations.
  9. No more than 10 persons will occupy this unit as residents.
  10. Lessee will not leave doors open while Air Conditioner is running for an extended period of time. This will damage A/C unit and will result in loss of deposit. Please set thermostat to 75 deg cool if you plan to leave doors open for extended period of time. This will prevent condensation which will cause water damage to ceilings and floors which will result in loss of deposit.
  11. I am aware that in order to allow sufficient time to ready the house for the next guest check out time is 10am EST. ANY guests still occupying the house or the property after 10:00 AM are subject to a $100.00 late fee per every 15 minutes past departure time of 10am EST. This is necessary to allow our cleaners sufficient time to maintain our standard of cleanliness.
  12. I agree if more guests occupy home than stated on rental agreement it is grounds for IMMEDIATE eviction and loss of all monies and deposit.
  13. I am aware that check-in time is 4pm EST.
  14. I am aware that if maintenance is called out due to operator error then I will be charged a $50 fee for a service call.
  15. I agree to contact (678-995-1320)
  16. I agree to crate our dog if we leave the premises, cover furniture with blankets to prevent dog hair from getting on the furniture, dogs will not be on beds, we will pick pet waste in and around the property and I agree to the added pet cleaning fee of $125.
  17. I agree refunds of security/damage deposit due to Lessee will be refunded in approximately 4 weeks after departure.
  18. I am aware that there is NO SMOKING inside the house or outside on deck of the house. Any smell of smoke inside the house or smoking damage on deck or outside furniture will result in loss of full security deposit.
  19. I agree to abide by all local beach ordinances to include but not limited to- no glass on beach, no outside lights on at night May through Oct (turtle nesting period), no disturbing turtle or bird nests, no walking on dunes other than path from deck to beach already established, no leaving any chairs, tents, umbrellas, coolers, etc on beach overnight, no burning of fires on beach with anything other than firewood. If local authorities charge a fine to lessor due to any of these events the fine will be charged against the security deposit. If security deposit is exceeded then the remainder will be billed to lessee.
  20. I will set thermostat to 75 deg cool if plan to leave doors open for extended period of time. This will prevent condensation which will cause water damage to ceilings and floors which will result in loss of deposit.
  21. I if my stay is over a Sunday evening, I will take the trash container to the street for trash pickup Monday AM and return to designated storage area on ground floor beside house.
  22. I understand that only starter kit for trash bags, laundry soap, toilet paper, and paper towels will be provided. Remaining supplies are to be guest provided.
  23. I do understand that there are security cameras on the outside of the property for home security purposes and will abstain from covering or repositioning these devices.
  24. I will not set the thermostat below 68 degrees. I understand that by setting it lower than 68 degrees, it will result in the thermostat being locked for the duration of my stay.

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